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The interaction of craftsmen with their tools isn’t any more striking at Autodie than during die machining and large part manufacture. It is during this process that milling heads whir and chips fly as castings and metal blocks are transformed into smooth finished tools and parts, all under the watchful eyes of seasoned machinists.

To a great extent, the reputation of skills and knowledge base of Autodie craftsmen precedes them. Autodie has legacy of building complex large dies reaching back to 1962.

Recently Autodie invested machining centers to maintain a competitive advantage in terms of both holding tight tolerances and speed of material removal for years to come. Please see our equipment list to gauge our capabilities.

After the dies or large parts are machined, they are hand finished and polished before secondary operations such as heat treating or coating. At appropriate points during these operations, the dies and parts are measured with our in-house coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to ensure dimensional accuracy.

Autodie is well versed in machining for the automotive industry. In addition to automotive, Autodie also serves these industries:

● Aerospace
● Defense
● Commercial Transportation
● Agricultural
● Alternative Energy, such solar power arrays
● Machine Tools