For more than 40 years, Autodie has been among the world’s technological leaders in the metal forming industry. Our expertise translates into precise, reliable die solutions that routinely exceed expectations.

Die Manufacturing

Reliably Delivering High-Quality Dies

With a remarkable success rate, our dies maintain the highest standards for reliability, ensuring your launch moves forward seamlessly.

  • Delivering smarter, more cost effective methods
  • Accelerating speed to market
  • Enabling new applications for AHSS
  • Offering valuable consultative services

Transforming Operations

With our emphasis on intelligent design and engineering, Autodie is seeking to eliminate the process of trial and error, also known as “tryout.” At the same time we have instituted leaner manufacturing practices and upgraded project management and communication systems. These changes translate into greater precision, shorter lead times, more useful interactions with our customers, and significant cost savings. 

Specializing in Large and Complex Dies

Autodie is well versed in the following areas of manufacturing:

  • Class A car exteriors: side panels, doors, hoods, roofs and fenders
  • All major Class B panels
  • Major reinforcements such as A, B, C and D pillars
  • Transfer and line dies
  • Sophisticated, multicomponent projects
  • Advanced high strength steel applications
  • Aluminum exterior applications

New Processes

A once arduous tryout process has given way to advanced technology. We engineer your part right, build it to plan and validate it with an extraordinary rate of success—one that far exceeds the industry standard. Our process ensures the integrity of your part at every stage. The possibilities for improved manufacturing, not to mention time and cost savings, are enormous.