You don’t want any surprises when you’re ready to go into production on a stamping line that costs tens of thousands of dollars an hour when it’s not running -- and neither do we.

Autodie tooling needs to be on the money at program launch. For projects that were commissioned to be manufactured from product files, Autodie sets gates where die design and the dies themselves are doubled checked for quality before they are released for the next step. We adhere to this system of milestones to keep project costs and lead times to a minimum -- and dies produce the desired result.

With more than 30 tryout presses that range from hydraulic programmable cushion draw presses capable of up to 2,500 tons to a 4,000-ton mechanical press, Autodie is capable of trying out multiple dies simultaneously.

Autodie also assists its customers by offering tryout and validation services for domestic and imported dies.

We use proprietary data and software to validate the sheet metal forming process from the moment a blank is laid into the first die, through to binder wrap, draw, trim, restrike, flange, springback and springback compensation. Our skilled technicians utilize the latest technology to precisely measure specifications on trial outcomes.

To validate the parts produced by dies, we utilize our in-house coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and noncontact measurement utilizing white light scanning technology.