This position is responsible for providing leadership and management for the development of stamping tooling in support of global new model programs. The Project Manager will manage all facets of the die program development process from concept to launch. Major responsibilities include managing teams on part feasibility, die development, die process, full process simulation, full cycle simulation, die design, patterns, castings, machining, die construction, die tryout, die and part buy off, and home line launch support. The Project Manager will also be responsible for all front loading activities and maintaining budget compliance while achieving quality throughout the process.

Basic Qualifications: 

Bachelor of Science degree desired
3-5 years of Diemaker, Die Engineer or related experience including program management, stamping process, draw development, forming simulation, die design, die construction, die tryout and launch
Strong follow-up and project management skills
Excellent communication skills - both oral and written
Project Management software and Microsoft Office skills
Negotiation skills
Aptitude in Estimating
Proven ability to manage others in demanding setting and under tight timing constraints
Individual must work well with cross functional engineering and manufacturing teams
Proven team building experience
Willingness to travel
We offer an excellent compensation and complete benefit program in a supportive work environment.  Our global commitment to technological advancement offers opportunities for personal growth and development.

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